For the last two years we’ve been experimenting with stories and storytelling on the story blog, Story Lab. Now we’re taking some of those stories as well as some unpublished stuff and trying a new experiment: putting them together into a highly-designed, digital magazine app for iOS, Android and FireOS. We want to push the boundaries of stories and storytelling and create a magazine that you’ll love to read.

Each Issue of StoryLab Magazine will be a standalone app and will be something like buying a highly designed book, just from the app store. The first issue features six fiction stories (four regular and two unlockable), three of which have appeared on Story Lab already (but have been professionally edited and rewritten for the magazine) and three of which are unpublished. Each story is individually designed to enhance the reading experience.

Issue I: Necessity’s Child


Issue I Cover Design


Each issue of Story Lab magazine will be organized (at least loosely) around a theme. Issue I focuses on Invention and will feature the story: The Cleverest Contraption of Jeremiah Brown, (an as yet unpublished story). In this first issue I’ll focus on the text and design, but in future issues I’d like to experiment with other types of stories and different ways of telling stories (media, format, interactivity, and more).

Questions of the Future

Calling it Issue I suggests an Issue II right?

Yes. We have already begun work on Issue II, but do not yet have a timeline for it.

How often will issues come out?

I don’t have an editorial schedule yet. We’ve loosely planned out the first three issues with a theme and main story for each (Issue II: Heroes? and Issue III: Moonshot) and have some vague ideas about a fourth issue. If we could have three issues under our belt by September 2015 we’d call that a success.

What about an e-book?

The app version will allow greater flexibility in storytelling, but we’re also interested in ebooks. Many formats are based on web technology and the translation from the final product to an e-book will be smoother here than from other technologies. We’ll look into this once the first issue is built and out.

How will we hear about what’s going on?

You can sign up for our email list on the home page or catch up with us on social media: @storykaboom, Facebook, Google+, or Wattpad